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For small SMEs
Enable small SMEs to understand in detail about their customers and customer segments

Advanced Customer Analysis BI Solution for small business
Initial cost: S$ 800
Annual Maintenance: S$ 200


For mid-sized SMEs
Enable mid-sized SMEs to improve their efficiency and profitability through BI

Tailored BI Solution based on client needs
Initial cost: S$3,000 to S$ 6,000
Annual Maintenance: S$500 to S$1,000


For SMEs of all sizes
Deliver BI business insights to SMEs which they can use to support their business decisions

Detailed BI Analysis of client's company data
For small SMEs: S$ 800
For mid-sized SMEs: S$ 3,000 to S$ 5,000
For large SMEs: S$ 8,000 to S$ 10,000

BI / Analytics Support

For large companies / subsidiaries of large companies
Deliver BI / Analytics benefits to large companies / subsidiaries of large companies based on their BI / Analytics needs

Professional BI / Analytics Support
Cost: S$ 20,000 to S$ 80,000 per year
Cost depends on complexity of requirements and number of end users

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