What is BI?

BI (Business Intelligence) encompasses automated management reporting, data analysis, data visualization, as well as data-driven automation.

It can provide business insights which help the management make better business decision, resulting in higher profitability for the business.

At the advanced level, BI crosses into the territory of Predictive Analytics through AI Machine Learning.

We provide international-quality BI Solutions at affordable prices to SMEs, and enable them to improve profitability through BI.

We also provide Professional BI / Analytics Support to large companies / subsidiaries of large companies.

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Example of a BI Solution

In one of our BI Projects, we provided our SME client an analysis of their historical company data, giving them business insights which helped them in their planning for the future.

Going forward, we will implement for the client a BI Solution to enable the client to perform data analysis of their company data so that the client will be able to continue to improve their profitability through BI.